Helloooooo October

The birds are singing, the flowers are bobbing their heads and the temperature is gently rising in amongst a bit of unpredictable wind, and I don’t know about you but a little bit of sunshine goes a very long way! People are smiling as they walk into our store and it’s contagious.

With October comes Halloween- we hear people say Halloween is an American commercial day that doesn’t belong in Australia. ‘Why should we be celebrating something that is American?’, but did you know…Halloween also known as All Hallows Evening or All Saints Eve has origins as a Celtic Harvest Festival from medieval Gaelic times that merged with the Roman influence and then some more. Halloween is celebrated all over Europe. In Scotland and Ireland traditional Halloween costumes include children dressing up in costume going ‘guising’ lighting bonfires and having fireworks. Some countries place candles to honor those passed in the windows, along with flowers. Throughout Britain, Halloween has traditionally been celebrated by children’s games such as bobbing for apples in containers full of water, telling ghost stories and the carving of faces into hollowed-out vegetables such as swedes and turnips.

It is in fact a worldwide event, however most likely due to our exposure to American television and the promotion of Halloween in American media people have misguided notions about it’s origins.

We say why not enjoy the frivolity and bit of old fashioned fun that gets kids outdoors, off the computers and games and out into the air, meeting each other and enjoying some laughter and socializing with the community! Many other states around Australia have been doing so for decades, its only the last few years it seems to be growing popular in Victoria.

Tips for Halloween; send kids with a grown up. You do not want to encourage children to knock on doors of strangers asking for lollies. As much as we live in a lovely place, having a responsible grown up is always a good idea. If you don’t mind having trick or treaters tie a balloon to your letterbox or some signage saying “Halloween welcome”. It is gaining more and more momentum in Victoria each year so if you don’t want to be a part of it, you might like to avoid getting knocks on the door, place a friendly sign up saying ‘No Trick or Treaters’ please. AND you don’t even have to Trick or Treat, you can dress up in your favourite costume and come and visit us for our Halloween Spooktacular. Facepainting, spoooooky crafts and so much more, it will be a Halloween party to remember. You can book your place here: HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR14650252_628531210641956_7313037090578998783_n

Have a great October people! Please don’t forget to come and say hi to us in Drysdale. Pop in before Halloween to get a free balloon to tie to your letterbox!

A September to Remember! 

Well its been such a crazy and fun busy time at Bellarine Party Shop over the last month or so. We have barely had time to stop with all of the activity and creativity goings on.

We are getting asked by a lot of drop in customers what it is we do exactly, as our expertise are extensive so here goes: We are a Party decoration supply shop, a craft hub with a creative art space for children including plaster craft, painting, beading and all manner of inspirational imaginings for little people. Our specialty is balloon decoration and face painting and we currently supply balloons to corporate business events, birthdays, christenings, weddings, just about anything that requires a fun and engaging piece, an eye capturing arrangement or a show stopper! Business to business event decor is just one of our specialities.

We are now stocking cake decorations and gifts. We have really listened to our customers and have become a one stop shop.

Last month saw the Wifi and coffee area emerge, which has been super popular with mums and dads. The poppets get dropped off to do creative craft sessions and plaster painting while Mum or Dad kick back and relax. It’s a winner!

Some exciting news as well here at BPS- we became proud members of the Balloons Online Network. This has kept us super busy; it now means that people interstate and overseas can order their balloons and event decor online and we can deliver to their loved ones here in Geelong and surrounding areas. It has a great selection and we will increase the range as we go. You can check it all out at www.balloons.com.au

Alison also spent time in Melbourne for a full day of Balloon training with BASA Vic. She is looking forward to helping and learning a few new designs. We attend regular training to keep up to date and extend our knowledge and skills within the Balloon industry.

School holidays are here already! So this means we will be running non-stop craft sessions, you don’t need to book, you can just drop in, we welcome you!

Kids are loving the fun and imagination inspiring space we have provided for kids art and craft, it is enjoyable, affordable and conveniently located in the Drysdale Arcade, central to the Drysdale shopping district. The most important bit- it puts smiles on faces!


Our recent eye capturing design for the NAB bank.


We are really looking forward to seeing you and your special poppets very soon! Don’t forget to book and if you have any questions call us on

03) 52 532 588

APRIL 2016

Throughout my career in childhood education and my experience in foster care, there have been particular recurring needs of the little ones in our lives that consistently stand out and remain relevant in the changing landscape of what we believe to be best for our kids.

One of those is play.

The seemingly simple act of play hides behind it so many complex layers that are crucial for healthy and evolving cognitive skills, physical development and social learning. It’s through the act of playing that children learn how to understand the world around them, and engage and interact in a way that helps to develop strategies, movement, memory, resilience, trigger aesthetic experimentation, and most of all inspire imagining – the spark of creativity and invention.

Adam and I are fond admirers of children advocates and parental mentors such as Dr. Sharna Olfmann and Maggie Dent – both incredible women – who have made it their life’s work to be progressive with the emotional, psychological and physical needs of each new generation of tiny humans exploring the environment around them. One of the areas they both cover is the importance of creative play for kids.

According to Dr. Sharna Olfmann:

“Thousands of studies spanning four decades have established incontrovertibly that creative play is a catalyst for social, emotional, moral, motoric, perceptual, intellectual, linguistic, and neurological development. Many of our greatest thinkers locate their capacity for original and profound thought in their imaginative abilities, first developed through creative play in early childhood.”

Encouraging creativity was central to the foundational thoughts and developing ideas at Bellarine Party Shop, and we have integrated these key points into our play sessions and in-house party hosting to individually suit the needs of each unique child. We understand that kids like to play at all ages, with differing cognitive, social and emotional understanding, and we want to give every child a warm memory full of smiles and delight, and opportunities to learn without even realising it! This is an exciting new possibility for parents, children and special needs kids to experience playful, yet educational fun; a concept so fresh it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the Geelong region.

In the coming months, we will also use our space to offer guest speakers and events to the parenting community; just join our mailing list to stay informed.

I want to leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Maggie’s website:

“Different students will remember different things and so offering a wide smorgasbord of positive experiences is incredibly important. My challenge to you is to ponder and consider consciously how to build memories in your kids that are drowned in moments of profound joy and delight, so that your children and grandchildren can remember them when they become boring adults.”

child girl playing with easter eggs and handmade decorations in cozy country house

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